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The Enduring Traditions program ensures the Free Exercise of religion guaranteed under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution for Jews serving in the United States Armed Forces. The Aleph Institute is appointed by the United States Department of Defense as an Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agency to recruit, vet and endorse Rabbis to serve as Chaplains in the Armed Forces, so that wherever a Jew is stationed or deployed he or she will have access to a vibrant Jewish program through an enriching educational experience with the vital resources and materials that Jewish soldiers and their families need to stay connected to their Jewish heritage, observe and enjoy the Jewish holidays and live a Torah-true life while in service.

Aleph supports and assists thousands of Jewish men and women serving this great nation in the U.S. Armed Forces with Jewish books, material, and moral and spiritual support. Jews in the military face unique challenges in maintaining their Jewishness. Away from home and community, Jews in uniform are often challenged by not having the resources available to be able to study about and observe Torah and Mitzvot. A connection with their Jewish observances, traditions and prayers offers them a sense of family and community.

The Aleph Institute supports the troops. As part of our very own Operation Enduring Traditions, Aleph has been distributing thousands of packages to soldiers for every Jewish holiday including Purim, Passover, High Holidays and Chanukah. These packages are sent to Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine bases here in the United States, and to personnel stationed abroad such as Baghdad, Mosul and Tikrit IRAQ, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Bahrain, Afghanistan, England, Germany, Turkey, Bosnia Saudi Arabia, Italy, Kosovo, Qatar and even Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

We have also shipped packages to Navy ships in the Arabian Sea. Besides Holiday supplies, Aleph recently shipped over 3,000 soft-cover pocket-sized Hebrew/English Psalm books along with other religious books for military personnel to carry with them and turn to for prayer and security at all times. Aleph is a source of HOPE and SUPPORT for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

We do this through our continuous spiritual support and activities throughout the year. YOU can be the one to ensure their vital spiritual and physical needs, and help them EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Your support will enable Aleph to continue its vital work and give you a share in the merits of its activities.
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