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The following is the LOI/MOI for the annual Aleph Institute (A DOD recognized Military Chaplain Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agency) Jewish Military Training Course and Sabbath with our Troops 4-8 February 2015 

A major component of the Aleph Military Jewish Chaplain and Lay Leader Training Program consists of programs of worship and experiential learning, whose focus is on spiritual growth and renewal amid an atmosphere of trust and collegial sharing between selected faculty, military and VA rabbis and Jewish lay leaders. These events therefore, cannot be replicated or their learning and spiritual objectives achieved in the absence of actual travel to the training venue, Aleph's historic synagogue, The Shul and its Torah Study Center. Web based communications, teleconferencing or any other similar means will not facilitate the terminal learning objectives of this training event and denominational requirements. Participation in this and similar such events is called for in DOD Instructions and Regulations of each of the Military Departments as they apply to their respective Chaplaincies. Failure to attend may jeopardize ecclesiastical standing. 

This event is geared to military chaplains (Jewish and non Jewish) and lay leaders, however, all Jewish military personnel are invited to attend and would benefit from participation.

Military spouses are welcome to attend and participate. There will be special sessions offered for them during the course of the event.

As in the past this we look forward to presentations and participation by senior military and government leaders. At previous events we were privileged to have had visits and presentations by Speaker of the House, John Boehner, Governor Rick Scott of Florida, General John Kelley, Southcom , LTG Bennet Socolick, Socom, LTG Howard Bromberg, Army G-1 and Chaplain (MG) Donald Rutherford, Army Chief of Chaplains.

Letter of Instruction (LOI) for The Aleph Institute’s Military Shabbaton (Sabbath Retreat) and Training Course, 4 – 8 Feb 2015

All Military Chaplains, VA Chaplains, Lay Leaders and all Jewish Members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Allied Forces

From: Chaplain (COL) Sanford L. Dresin, USA RET, Director of Military Programs-Endorser, The Aleph Institute
Cell: 302-494-7080 e-mail: dresin@comcast.net

Location: The Shul at the Aleph Institute - 9540 Collins Ave. Surfside (Miami) FL 33154

Airports: Miami (MIA) or Ft. Lauderdale (FLL)

Arrival and Departure Times: 
Plan to arrive NLT Wednesday 4 February 2015. Sessions will begin promptly at 0800 hrs 5 Feb. The formal portion of the program concludes Sunday 8 Feb at 1200 hrs. Individual consultations will follow.

This Year's Theme:

"Prophetic Calling vs. Political Correctness-Knowing When To Hold Them, Knowing When to Scold Them and Knowing When to Mold Them.

Background: The role of the prophet in the Bible was not that of a clairvoyant. His job was to confront and comfort. The training will focus on building system sense, learning to confront without engendering conflict, while building relationships and enhancing rapport with peers, superiors and subordinates.

Training Courses:

1. The Vietnam War: Lessons for today's chaplain - macro and micro.

2. Kohen Mashuach Milchamah (The Priest Anointed for War) Lessons from the Bible and Talmud on the role of the chaplain in war and peace.

3. The Kotzker vs. Rav Levi Yizchak: Confrontation vs. Comfort, two styles of ministry.

4.Pastoral Counseling from the perspective of the Seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe.

5. Organizational Psychology for the Chaplain-Developing System Sense.

6. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Update-Lessons Learned

7. A front loaded "Hot Wash" and an Aleph Response

Fees: Registration: $180 Registration reimbursement is authorized in accordance with the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR). Orders should indicate that this is a reimbursable fee.

Funding: Active, Guard, Reserve, VA Chaplains and Lay Leaders should submitrequests for fully funded orders (TDY, TAD, ADSW, ADT, FTTD, IDT or AT) to their command. If you request funding from your command in a timely manner and are denied, you are instructed to contact Rochel Katz, e-mail: rochelkatz@alephinstitute.org or phone 305-864-5553. Financial assistance will be determined on a case by case basis and, as in the past, is in shortsupply.

1) Aleph conducts chaplain professional development courses in support of and inconcurrence with Chief of Chaplains guidelines.
2) These courses will be announced through the major subordinate commands of the Military Departments.
3) This memorandum will serve as your LOI/MOI.
4) Regular attendance at training courses as outlined in this memorandum is a requirement for maintaining Chaplain Endorsement and Lay Leader Approval.

Submit this LOI (upon its completion) with your request for orders.

The uniform for all military participants will be Class A or its equivalent for Shabbat, ACU/BDU's or similar service uniforms for all formal classes.

Please complete the application below and submit it ASAP by e-mail to: rochelkatz@alephinstitute.org or via FAX to: 305-864-5675 Attn: Rochel. Upon receipt of funded orders, Rochel Katz should be immediately notified.



If paying the $180 registration fee via credit card, please fill out the fields below. Please make sure to fill out all the fields as otherwise the credit card will not be processed. Thank you.
Credit Card # :: Aleph has a secure (SSL) server

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