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A SDF unit is contacted, typically at the Command or Command Chaplain level, to determine if the SDF would be interested in commissioning a Chassidic Rabbi as a Jewish Chaplain. The issue is facial hair, which, in accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 670-1,

Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia, Section 1-8, a.(2)c, is prohibited (the U.S. Army Reserve has one Chassidic Rabbi on active duty, Chaplain (Colonel) Jacob Goldstein of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. His is a special case as he had a waiver prior to the date AR 670-1 went into effect and was thus “grand-fathered” in). Most SDF directives adopt the provisions of AR 670-1; however, they normally permit the possibility of a waiver should the Command approve that approach.

If the SDF decides that their need exceeds the requirements of AR 670-1, Aleph Institute is contacted to seek suitable candidates from a Chabad in the area or, if not, a Kollel. When a suitable candidate is identified, he is asked to complete an SDF Chaplaincy Entry-Application form, with accompanying material, including an Ecclesiastical Endorsement from the Aleph Institute, applying for the position of Chaplain and an interview is arranged with the SDF Command Chaplain or his appointee. If the interview is acceptable, the Chaplain will forward the material with a recommendation for a waiver and approval to Commission the Rabbi as a Jewish Chaplain; if not, the process begins again.
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